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She is the Goddess of Love and Beauty and we need more beauty and Love in the world now.

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Women need to first right the wrongs. Venus turns direct at 25 degrees Libra conjunct big beneficial Fixed stars. Is a blue Giant Star in Constellation of Virgo. It is one of the most famous 15 Behenian Stars of ancient lore. The Ear of Grain is a very good star. It brings spiritual qualities. Spica rules the stone emerald, sage, trefoil, mugwort, periwinkle and mandrake root.

Via Combusta

It gives riches, honour, high renown, and self-determination. Its image is a horse, wolf or man dancing. This star deals with darker aspects. Arcturus has a reputation of achieving justice through power. Arcturus was seen as the protector of Spica or Ishtar be the ancient Arabs. It is associated with the stone jasper, and plantain.

When Venus is conjunct Arcturus it indicates popularity and gifts and favours from friends and some false friends of the same sex. Arcturus rules two inches below the navel in the human body which is the Hara or will centre or 3rd chakra.

Do you have planets in the Via Combusta? This will be a very interesting Halloween as Venus will transition from Scorpio to Libra on that day. These lunations will be extremely powerful 3 in a row. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

Via Combusta

Robson, , p. Rate this:. Share this:. Email Print. Like this: Like Loading I know it feels like Aeons right? Who will weep for you?

We see the refugee crises as a tranformational Scorpionic experience for thousands of people in the world. We need to get the lessons now before we can cleanly trot off all fired up into Saggy land. You will begin to feel like you are freed from the terrible burden, that leaden undertow and get out of what feels like being in the stocks. You know those things that they used to lock prisoners up in? Saturn leaves on a very auspicious Jupiter Neptune opposition.

This is a very good auspicious omen. Jupiter and Neptune are rolling out the Purple and green-blue carpet. How many people struck it rich?

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Its one of my all time fave old movies. Watch it if you can. Pisces symbolizes that promised land which could be illusion, all mirrors, smoke and ashes and not gold.

Traditional astrology. Looking forward by looking back.

All that glitters is not gold. What is the gold that you are seeking? Do you know where to find it? As a Triple Sagittarius I will be doing a happy centaur dance on the 17th.

We have some relationship stuff and imbalances in the world, justice and karma to take care of first. Might this be like a learning to walk barefoot on hot coals experience? Saturn in Sagittarius will be majorly uplifting on many levels. Ideally it should be the end of all Patriarchal religions. And strange situations do sometimes arise during the via combusta, so it's easy to understand why people over-react I can understand why the ancients called this a "sinister" period, because people do seem to be a whole lot crabbier during the via combusta.

On the bright side, I've found that it is an excellent time to work with divination tools, study dreams, probe into the subconscious, and do in-depth emotional processing.

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In fact, in a way, the via combusta period to me each month seems to be like the cosmic "Monday morning". What I mean by that is that during the "via combusta" period each month, you might feel like you have to drag yourself out of bed to take care of some responsibility that you don't really want to take care of when all you really want to be doing is sleeping, meditating, or just laying around or doing something fun. Then again, if you do get the chance to sleep, meditate, or party your way through the via combusta, it's probably not so bad after all.

Keep in mind that these are not necessarily "bad" days Energies are probably strongest on Friday, August 8 th. Residual energies might last until Sunday, August 10 th. Tuesday, September 2 nd through Thursday, September 4 th. Effect probably strongest on Thursday. Residual energies last through Friday, September 5 th. Residual energies might last all the way through Thursday, October 2 nd. Monday, October 27 th through Wednesday, October 29 th until mid to late afternoon. Effect most intense around night of Tuesday, October 28th.

Residual energies into Wednesday night.