Are virgo and virgo compatible sexually

There will be few surprises. While this might seem a bit weird and choreographed to some, a Virgo couple likes it this way. When two same sun sign individuals are together for a while and the bloom of new love fades, it can actually be the ways in which they so much alike that will cause problems in their relationship. As cool, calm, and quiet as a Virgo might seem they do have a darker side. When a one Virgo is worried, anxious, critical, fussy, or starts complaining, which they are prone to do, they can feed their Virgo partner's worries and anxieties, and squabbles begin over the smallest of things.

Virgo Meets Virgo

When a Virgo forms a relationship with another Virgo, they no longer feel the urge or motivation to go out and socialize. This can place them in an isolated bubble, where they rarely if ever go out and see their friends. It's important for them to remember to pencil in time to experience new things and take part in activities that they once treasure, both independently and as a couple. Virgos tend to sweep conflict under the rug and shy away from disagreements.

Instead, they bottle up their feelings until they eventually explode. Sometimes Virgo work so hard that they miss living in the moment. They need to stop and smell the roses occasionally and take pride in their family, friends and achievements.

Virgo and Virgo

If not life becomes a bit of a grind and both end up worn out and disillusioned. This behaviour also results in loss of friends who are just too nervous to sit on the white cashmere lounge or go anywhere near the 18th Century figurine collection. Remember perfection is unattainable. This is a testing time and very much a power struggle between two titanic take-charge types.

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Trust is slowly earned through keeping promises, completing tasks and problem solving. With each test successfully completed, Virgo softens a little and increases the amount of love in their heart.

Virgo and Aries Compatibility

Freud would have a field day with these two when it comes to bedroom antics. Both are likely to have cleansing and purification rituals and maybe adverse to love in the mornings — what with bad breath and all. Sometimes sex just becomes too hard and they resort to a completely contented platonic relationship. Virgo is an Earth sign, which means exactly that - a grounded, down-to-earth person who always keeps it real.

Virgo and Aries

Their curiosity and intellect make them very good at anything they're working on and because of their punctuality and precision, they often stand out in the business world. Virgos also love to help out and they feel special when someone asks for their support or opinion. This makes them excellent listeners and great advice-givers.

Capricorn and Virgo Love Compatibility

But there are some flaws in Virgo's character. Because of their perfectionism, they tend to over-analyze everything and be overly critical towards the people around them, including themselves. They will never settle for second best, which is good, but the need to be flawless in every aspect can sometimes make them self-destructive. Virgos often appear quite cold and emotionless in other people's eyes, always approaching things with an objective point of view.

So, is this Virgo-Virgo relationship really possible or could it end up as a complete disaster? Let's see just how well two Virgos work in love, marriage, trust, emotions, communication, and sex. In a loving, romantic relationship, two Virgos can be seen behaving very rationally. Even though they might be truly in love with each other and have no problem letting each other know, they will never express these emotions outside the comfort of their own home. A Virgo is exceptionally organized, logical and efficient in getting things done, which makes the perfect business partner, but a dull romantic one.

Virgo and Taurus Compatibility

This relationship often lacks fun and excitement, as both partners are used to using their head and not their heart when it comes to making decisions of any kind. If they learn to focus a bit more on what makes them laugh or what makes their eyes spark, their bong could grow stronger.

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  • It is important to mention that a Virgo needs time to fall in love, because they are very cautious about who they spend their time with and what they reveal to them. So, when two Virgos actually manage to form a loving bond, it means that both of them have invested plenty of time and effort to make it work.

    You can be sure that once a Virgo and Virgo relationship has begun, they will be fully understanding and completely devoted to one another. One very important thing about Virgo's personality is that they are lousy at expressing their emotions. They just don't see the point of expressing their feelings when everything in life can be explained rationally.