December 13 moon astrology

This is a powerful time to kick bad habits, and you're removing tasks from your daily schedule that no longer make sense for you. Abundance flows as the sun connects with lucky Jupiter.

What’s My Moon Sign?

An exciting climax takes place in your love life during today's full moon in fellow fire sign Aries! A bright, optimistic energy flows as the radiant sun connects with your ruling planet Jupiter. Anything is possible! Endings are taking place, but so many opportunities are opening up for you.

Daily Horoscope Thursday December 13th 2018 - True Sidereal Astrology

Today's full moon in Aries brings a culmination to a situation that's been brewing at home. It's an important time to find a balance between your career and your private life. The sun connects with lucky Jupiter, boosting your intuition. An important realization occurs during today's full moon in Aries. Your mind is full: Stay grounded by limiting your screen time, venting to friends, and finding peaceful places where you can think things through.

A lucky energy flows in your social life and you're inspired to explore as the sun connects with Jupiter.

Were you born on a FULL MOON?

Today's full moon in Aries brings a climax to a situation that's been brewing in your finances. You're not a materialistic person, Pisces, but it's important to reflect on these issues today. An abundant energy flows in your career as the sun connects with your ruling planet Jupiter. This is a powerful full moon in your sign, Aries, bringing climax to situations that have been brewing in your relationships.

It's Libra season, which means you're focused on your partners, but this full moon brings it back to you and your heart.

Moon phase today: Lunar calendar

Independence is an important theme of this full moon. The sun connects with Jupiter, inspiring you to travel and bringing insightful conversations with your partners. You're in a restless mood thanks to the full moon in Aries! This is a powerful full moon for psychic or inner work—pay attention to the messages that arrive in your dreams. This is also a powerful time to acknowledge your repressed emotions. Things have been building within you for a while; open yourself up to transformation as the sun connects with the planet of growth, Jupiter. A situation that's been building in your social life comes to a head during today's full moon in Aries!

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